Tuesday 18 April 2017

Theresa May calls a general Election

Today Theresa May has called a general election. The Barnet Eye welcomes this move. It is a bold move and one that few expected. For many of us, it seems eminently sensible for Theresa May to seek a mandate for the Brexit negotiations. The Barnet Eye believes that good leaders are bold leaders. May has shown that she is not afraid to take risks. We do however believe that the country does not need a dose of hard right Tory dogma. As such, we will not be supporting the Conservative party. We desperately need a change of direction to brings fairer settlement for those at the margins.

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of this poll is likely to be The Lib Dems. They have seen a massive resurgence following the Euro vote. In my constuency, Hendon, we have a hard right Brexiteer in Matthew Offord standing in a very pro remain seat. Labour held the seat until 2010, but were soundly trounced last time. Lib Dems were a distant third place. It will be fascinating to see what happens to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. Whatever happens, we need a proper, functioning government and a proper opposition. They say a week is a long time in politics, What will the seven week campaign bring us. Another fascinating thing is UKIP. As they've achieved their purpose and we are leaving the EU, will they disappear?

My predictions?

Big Tory majority.
Lib Dem gains in pro remain areas 50ish seats
Labour reduced to core areas
SNP to maintain stranglehold on Scotland.
Greens to poll well
The Borough of Barnet to stay blue

Interesting times

What are your predictions?


Anonymous said...

Well thought out Roger . But whom among us would be brave enough to call any election these Days ! However people need to focus on more than one subject & that being Europe ! There are other very very important issues . With no real opposition to the Tories . Will we have an NHS in Five years . Will we have any kind of Social Care ? We only have to Look to our own Tory group to see what they think of what they term ordinary people . Not Much ! & do the central party think any differently ? So think & think Again . Because I can Guarantee you all one thing you will get old & you will need medical or other help .

CalvinCasino said...

Well written Roger. I know you are Lib Dem supporter/voter & that they are anti-Brexit party (no problem) & I respect your views & your beliefs but you do have to understand all not people will vote for Lib Dems because they are the ones who were in the coalition with the Tories & broke promises like trippling tuition fees.

& Tim Farron said that he "doesn't mind"
having with an coalition with the Tories again. They are the ones who inherited the mess that we are now in especially with the Brexit effect.

My predictions is that either the Tory government (which I can't bear a thought of) with bigger majority or perhaps cross party coalition (which is good idea but probably unlikely).

Either way, Brexit will be one of the national topics & there are other political topics, rather than just Brexit (one political topic).