Sunday 5 August 2018

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet - 05/08/2018

I've been away this week! But I'm back now and I've been scouring the Barnet Twitteratti's postings to see what I've missed. Here is my pick of the week

1. Let's start with some fun in Burnt Oak. Just wish they did this when I was a nipper!

2. Great community spirit at Long Lane Pasture

3. There's still time to support the RSPCA today. Nip down to Canons Park for some fun

4. Will Colindale's Cafe Anglais become the new iconic EP Cover?

5. This looks like fun! Save the date for the end of the month

6. Have you seen JimJAm? If you have you could make someone very happy

7. The grim reaper came to Mill Hill Golf Club this week. Well he did if you were a Hornet

8. This tweet rather worries me as a Mill Hill resident

9. This sounds fascinating!

10. Can you solve this historic puzzle?

That's all folks!

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