Sunday 26 August 2018

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 26/08/2018

It's Sunday, it's a bank holiday weekend, so it's raining. What better way to spend it than reading the Tweets of the Week! We have a few crackers and a few conundrums!

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1. We start with a conundrum. Great to see the Police conducting crime prevention exercises in Burnt Oak, but why are Barnet Council not participating, when Brent are? Especially as the station is in Barnet?

2. Many locals will doubtless be saddened to see the sorry fate of The Saprrowhawk pub. For many years a great venue for live music and weddings. Thanks to the Mill Hill Historical Society for the story of how it was named

3. This is a story we've covered. It seems to me like the whole thing is being blown out of all proportion. I would suggest that the schook would be sensible to simply forget about it and move on.

4. More great work from Colindales litter pickers

5. A lovely picture of Edgware here from General Nostalgia

6. Another great tweet from Samuel Levy, our local wildlife tweet of the week. I often pass Samuel on my walks with the mutts in the Totteridge valley. Should really say hello!

7.Did you know that Windsor Open Space is actually in Finchley.

8. Who needs Hollywood when you have Cricklewood?

9. Some great sights from around and about in Mill Hill

10. What do musicians eat for breakfast?

That's all folks

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