Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Tweets of the Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 07/06/20

So what has been happening in our corner of Paradise. A few nice tweets out there this week. A surprisingly interesting selection.

1. This is an excellent way to start. Who knew we had such a diversity of birds in Finchley Central

2. Like Samuel, we've been taking a keen interest in the families of Mandarin ducks in Darlands lake. Hope the deluge helped them out

3. The changing face of Cricklewood. A series of tweets showing the old and new rail sidings. The old ones will be replaced by a new station serving Brent Cross. These three tweets nicely chronicle the changes

4. and whilst we are in Cricklewood, the local community had a rather sad loss

5. One of the many things of great value our community has lost

6. Love pictures of old pubs. It's amazing that with all the money spent on design and branding these days, they never look this good!

7. It is always fascinating when we discover reminders of a long lost past

8. We love a bit of local astronomy! This is from the subway in Mill Hill near the UCL Observatory on the A41

9. Some nice shots of High Barnet here, just before the storm yesterday

10. If you like musical memorabilia, check out some of the responses to this

Thats all folks

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