Friday, 19 June 2020

The Friday Joke - Football is back! The worlds greatest Football fan joke

Football is back! But not as we know it Jim!

For me football is about the crowd, the shared experience, the joy of a tasteless burger before, a pint at half time and a beer with your mates after. Being a City fan, I enjoyed the team performance on Wednesday, but it somehow didn't feel right. I tried the options with and without the phoney crowd noise, settled on without. It is only fitting that the we mark the best bit with a tribute to the people who really matter, the fans. Here is what I think is the best ever fan joke.

Two old men were holding up the queue outside the turnstyle before the game, while one of them hunted for his ticket. He looked in his coat pockets and his waistcoat pockets and his trouser pockets, all to no avail...
“Hang on a minute...,” said the gateman, “...what's that in your mouth?”
“It's the missing ticket!”
As they moved inside his mate said...
“Crikey, Cyril! You must be getting senile in your old age. Fancy having your ticket in your mouth and forgetting about it!”
“'I'm not that stupid...,” said old Cyril, “...I was chewing last week's date off it.”

Have a great weekend!

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