Saturday, 20 June 2020

The Saturday List #267 - My ten favourite local pictures from my Flickr collection

One of my great pleasures in life is to walk around snapping pictures and posting them on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. I make no claim to be David Bailey, but I enjoy this particular hobby. I've been looking through the collection during the week and I thought I'd post my top ten pictures taken in and around Mill Hill and the Borough of Barnet.

10. Mr Graham Ramsey, drummer of the False Dots at Mill Hill Music Complex. This picture gives a small clue of just how much fun we have in our rock and roll band.


9. Christmas at St Michaels Church, Mill Hill. A pretty church with a pretty Xmas tree. I was very pleased with this snap.

Mill Hill Scenes

8. Bunns Lane Welding workshop. I was raised around the car industry and workshops. This is my brothers business. He started the same year as I started Mill Hill Music Complex. Originally we were going to start it together, but he decided his brother in law was less hard work, so employed him instead!

Mill Hill Scenes

7. The crucified Christ at the Sacred Heart. I love the contrast between the serenity of the statues and the bustle of the Broadway.
Mill Hill Scenes

6. This is an old picture taken the day after the hurricane of '87. I took many pictures, but this is perhaps my favourite

Mill Hill Scenes

5. At Mill Hill Music Complex, we get many musicians with rather cool cars. This is one of my favourite!

Bunns Lane Works collection

4. This picture is of The False Dots playing at The Grahame Park Festival in 1986. A bit blurry, but I think that adds to the ambience. My sister took this. I'm the one in the white suit with the black guitar. It is always nice to see pictures of our dearly missed bassplayer, Paul Hircombe.

Grahame Park Festival 1986

3. The Orange Tree. I always like a pub with a pond, and there are few prettier than the orange tree. I was very happy with this pic.
Totteridge walk 21.05.20

2. This is a real favourite. The disused barn on the Darlands trail. I love the colourful graffiti

1. This is my favourite. My mum with my elder twin brothers at my cousins wedding in 1962 at The Sacred Heart. I didn't take this but I do love it. Love the view of H.Norman Davis and Home Linens in the background

Mill Hill Scenes

That's all folks!

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