Sunday, 21 June 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 21.6.2020

Reality edges ever closer as lockdown is lifted. This week we had the return (sort of) of the thrills and spills of Premiership football. But what has been tickling the fancy of our local Twits? Here is our selection of the best of them.

1. My tweet of the week from one of my favourite accounts. Note with interest that this account needs ten more followers to hit 2,000. If you aren't following it, I'd suggest you do. It's been running for just over a year and the fact it has picked up so many followers shows just what happens when you publish interesting information.

2. Who knew that Brent Cross shopping centre used to be so interesting!

3. Another of our favourite accounts is the Mill Hill Historical Society. This clip is quite nostalgic for me. I had a girlfriend who lived down the road from Mad Johns wife in Broadfields. I recall the dog.

4. Samuel Levy is another favourite. For those of us who spend our time walking the local nature reserve areas, this is a lovely bit of filming. I always enjoy seeing these

5. This is a nice tweet. Will have to nip over to East Finchley to check this out

6. We like a good photo and this is a great photo!

7. Funny to think that when this was taken, this was the height of modernity! Nice pic

8. Good to see people who care

9. Our historical tweet of the week.

10. A sentiment I think we all share

That's all folks

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