Sunday, 28 June 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 28/6/2020

Another week closer to the end of lockdown, another week in the London Borough of Barnet. What has been tickling the fancy of our wonderful local tweeters?  Just think, next weeks issue may well be the first you read after a night out in the pub since March. I wonder if we'll see a reaction on Twitter?

1. We start with these brilliant and rather artful photographs of Mill Hill Broadway Bus station. It is polluted, smelly and unkempt, but as a long standing Mill Hillian, I love it. Mill Hill has many interesting bridges, but this is the first amongst them

2. And we also rather like this shot of Mill Hill East station. Did you know Mill Hill East was originally simply called Mill Hill Station?

3. This story caught my eye, as these buildings used to be Orange Hill School, where I finished my education. It is on Orange Hill Road in Edgware. Even when I was there between 1978 and 1981, the school was a bit run down, but the education was first class. I do hope that the school can overcome its problems. Whilst it is an old and ugly building, I have very fond memories of my time there.

4. For all our cyclist friends. There was an interesting debate about safe cycling on the A5. This post was interesting and informative

5. This is a very nice tweet from Hendon!

6.There were many nice tweets about the newly painted rail bridge in Cricklewood. This was my favourite! I have the utmost admiration for how the Cricklewood community have worked to transform their neighbourhood for the better

7. I rather enjoyed this tweet. Do you know what they are?

8. He's one of our own. Born in East Finchley. He even shares a birthday with my missus. Sadly missed (especially by the Missus who loved him). His Dad ran a very good steak house in Edgware to boot and he did voluntary work at a homeless daycentre where I volunteer, so I know first hand he was a worker as well as a superstar.

9. As regular readers will know, Mr Mark Amies is our local pub champion. We support his work. This is a sad couplet of tweets

10. Mill Hill has many links with some of the UK's greatest artists. But did you know Inmelda May used to sing in the choir at The Sacred Heart Church?

That's all folks!

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