Saturday 8 August 2020

The Saturday List #274 - My top ten favourite actresses

 I can't believe that I've waited until list #274 to put this list together. Forgive me the pure indulgence of this list. I thought long and hard how to approach this. There are many criteria I could have chosen, but the one I have gone for is the actresses who's work has stuck in my mind. You know that moment, when you see someone on the telly and you simply can't take your eyes off them. 

1. Uma Thurmann.

Regular readers will know I have a thing for Ms Thurmann. I was first introduced to her work in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Her roles are always interesting, often flawed characters. Kill Bill is a great example of a strong female lead role, something we really don't see enough of.  She is someone that you simply can't take your eyes off. 

2. Julie Newmar

When I was but a nipper, one of my favourite TV shows was Batman. I thought he was super cool and I loved the concept of having a cave, a car and a helicopter. Then I saw this scene and my world was turned on its head. I decided that it would be far more fun to play with Catwoman than to have a cave and a car! There have been other actresses play catwoman, but how could you resist Julie?

3. Marilyn Monroe

Has there ever been anyone who was more photogenic than Marilyn Monroe. But she wasn't just the most beautiful woman ever to live, she was sassy and she was switched on. There are many stories of her support for BAME musicians etc. For me, Some like it hot is the best example of a Hollywood comedy, the ultimate feel good film. And Marilyn Monroe owns it with her performance.

4. Gabrielle Drake

Another TV series that I absolutely loved was UFO. I used to dream of flying a SHADO Interceptor from Moonbase, it seemed to me to be the coolest job in the world. I was fascinated by the whole idea of  SHADO, but I also had  a big crush on Lt Ellis, who was in charge of Moonbase. I think this may be the reason why. I only found out recently that Gabrielle Drake was the singer Nick Drake's sister. A talented family.

5. Leslie Ash

One of my favourite films of the 1970's was Quadrophenia. There were many things about the film I liked, but the thing I liked most was Leslie Ash. I had the real hots for her. I don't think I was alone in my admiration for her talents. She went on to be a household name through her role in Men behaving badly. Sadly she damaged her career by having ill advised plastic surgery, why, I'll never know?

6. Michelle Pfeiffer

Now I've said previously that there is only one Catwoman, but Michelle Pfeiffer is absolutely brilliant in Scarface. It is one of the best of the Gangster genre of film and Ms Pfeiffer lights up the screen. 

7. Rachel Griffiths

One of the best TV drama's of the last 20 years was Six Feet Under, a drama set in an undertakers. Rachel Griffiths character stole the show. She is pretty amazing in every role she plays. 

8. Ningali Lawford

Last year we saw the passing of Australian actress Ningali Lawford, one of the stars of what is possibly my favourite film, Last Cab to Darwin. Ningali never really got the parts or the recognition her talents deserved, but if you ever get the chance, check her work out.

9. Tamsin Greig

Check her CV. I think I first noticed her in Shawn of the Dead and Green Wing. Most recently, Friday Night Dinner has been a monster hit. Tamsin is one of those people who if you see she's in it, you can be pretty sure it will be entertaining. 

10. Ingrid Bergman

If you've not seen Casablanca, make the effort. Ingrid Bergman is awesome in it. Playing opposite Humphrey Bogart at his very best, must have been daunting, but this is a performance without peer. He final performance was as Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. A powerful performance that won her an Emmy. She was dying of cancer when it was filmed, but she saw it through. When I was putting this list together, it struck me how few really good film roles there are for female actors. Ingrid Bergman is almost unique, certainly in this list, of having played a female modern world leader in an award winning production.  Surely that is an indictment of our society. 

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