Sunday 9 August 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 9 August 2020

 Firstly I'd just like to say  that the Blogger platform that I publish this blog on has changed its user interface and putting this together has become a real PITA. It also doesn't work on the computer in the shop so I had to nick Clares laptop, so she is now giving me the skunk eye. So bear with me if I am not as chirpy as usual. Here is my pick of the weeks tweets.

1. I will start by doing something I've never done and make my own tweet the tweet of the week. Not because it is a good tweet but because the Blogspot platform has thoroughly p*ss*d me off and so it is my rather silly revenge. They haven't even bothered responding. Shiesse customer service if you ask me, all the millions I've earned them! If you are interested, the problem is that embedding HTML code (as is needed for this feature is now really fiddly). 

2. And now down to business. There has been a big story in Colindale. I honestly don't know what to think about this one, don't know the facts. A 14 year old boy was arrested for possession of what appears to me a small amount of weed and a crap mobile phone. The implication is that he was dealing. There was  a large stand off with the community. It seems that a community groups offices were also raided and community workers arrested. I'm not going to voice an opinion on the incident as I really don't know the relevant facts, but I smell weed everywhere I go in Mill Hill these days. Is there a new policy from the Police and is it being pursued in the middle class areas as well? I support the Police, but I've recently blogged about them becoming more disconnected from the community. This is something both sides need to fix and fix fast. Given that the Labour Mayor has responsibility for policing in London, I think the Hendon Labour Party should get him down to Colindale ASAP rather than shout at the Police through Twitter.

3. Sadly, the less well off areas of our locality are being left to rot. Although this is in Brent, the other side of the Edgware Road is Barnet. This should be a local Jewel in the crown instead.....

4. I've subjected you to enough misery. Here is a picture that should cheer you up from our favourite Rugby club!

5. The best job in the Borough of Barnet this week? Well if you like footie and doing the washing!

6. Thanks to @Time_NW for this peach of a pic. Highlight of the delectable Diana Dors career getting on the cover of the Edgware post. 

7. Things have changed a bit around here over the last century!

8. Another tweet that made me smile from the 'just over the border' part of Edgware (in Harrow).

9. This is a rather nice tweet. Shame the lady who posted it rather lost her head!

10. If you are around the Borough of  Barnet, what better place to get Barnet attended to

That's all folks.

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