Sunday 2 August 2020

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 02/08/2020

The year becomes stranger as we go. Yesterday we heard that they were going to shut the pubs so that the schools could open during the covid crisis?????? This strikes me as mighty unfair on the teachers. I recall my days at FCHS, the only thing that kept our teachers sane was a crafty pint at the Swan and Pyramids during lunch break and when the day finished. Sadly, like many institutions, The Swan and Pyramids has gone and I suspect the mental health of the FCHS teachers has not improved. One institution that is still with us is the Tweets of the week! Here is our round up of the best from our local.

1. You may wonder why the reminiscences of FCHS. I stumbled across this tweet by @Joef_E17. Funnily enough my old m,ate Brian Shillibeer found a pair of our old football socks recently! I commend Joe on his memory. There was however only one house - Thomas Moore (1973 intake). The others simply didn't cut the mustard ;). My eternal thanks to Alison Shuttler for being our form tutor and putting up with what was officially the worst class in the history of the school.
Thanks to Joe for putting a smile on my face!

2. On the subject of misspent youth, many of us spent many happy hours in the Sparrowhawk in Edgware. This was a great music pub in the 70's with a great Rockabilly scene as well as amazing gigs organised by Friends of The Earth. Sadly, as we were too punk Rock for either promoter, the False Dots never played there. Thanks to @Time_NW for the memory

3. A lovely tweet from one of or favourite tweeters featuring a very nice picture of a tweeter. Funnily enough, I saw this chap on my travels yesterday but couldn't get a decent pic, so thank you Samuel.

4. As my Dad was an RAF bomber pilot, this sight always brings a tear to my eye. Thanks to Donald for yet another amazing tweet.

5. Like the Swan and Pyramids, the Hendon Hall Hotel is no longer with us. Back in the day, it hosted the World Cup winenrs. This is a lovely tweet. But can you imagine booking your wedding, only to find out that it was the day England were playing in the World cup final? Thanks to Stephen Hunt for the amazing memory

6. This is certainly my favourite cricket tweet of the week (and yes, well done England)

7. We've been enjoying following Robin Morel's posts detailing the progress of the new Thameslink station at Brent Cross

8. And whilst we are in Cricklewood, did you know this was the original home of Bentley motors?

9. This isn't the sort of tweet I normally feature here, but a shout out for Councillor Alex Prager for using twitter properly and using it to get across some useful community based information. I had wondered why the dustmen woke me up early, but in the circumstances well done to Barnet Council for taking care of staff wellbeing

10. Great to hear a talented artist with local links on the radio this morning.

Have a great weekend!

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