Saturday 1 August 2020

The Saturday List #273 - My top ten females with local connections

I've been meaning to do this list for a very long time. Our area has an extraordinary history in many areas, but often the contribution  of our female residents is much overlooked. It is about time that someone put that right. With Amy's anniversary it seems only fitting.

1. Amy Winehouse

A local girl, I sold her the guitar she played on her first TV appearance on the Jools Holland show, in our shop in Mill Hill. As we remember her anniversary, I am always tinged with sadness. RIP

2. Margaret Thatcher

Lady Thatcher was the MP for Finchley for many years. She knew my mum and although she didn't like her politics, she admired her work rate and intelligence. Mum took this picture at Finchley Carnvival in 1972.

Margaret Thatcher at Finchley Carnival

3. Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Vera famously also lived in Finchley. It would be nice to properly commemorate the first lady of the forces locally.

4. Dorothy Squires

Dorothy was married to Roger Moore and used to live up the road from me in Millway, Mill Hill, until Roger Moore got fed up with fans spying on them when he became famous through The Saint.

5. The Beverley Sisters

Britains biggest selling female trio, all Barnet girls.

6. Kate Nash

Like Amy Winehouse, Kate won a Brit award and also bought a guitar from me at Mill Hill Music Complex, where she rehearsed and wrote most of her early albums (Her Dad is a good mate of mine). The family are from Harrow.

7.  Fenella Fielding

My brother Frank used to tell me that Fenella Fielding, of the Parish of Edgware, was the most sexy woman alive. If you watch this scene from Carry  on Screaming, I'm sure you'll agree.

8. Margaret Lockwood

Film Star Margaret Lockwood lived in Mill Hill. Perhaps most well known for the Hitchcock classic "The Lady Vanishes".

9. Lynsey De Paul

Lynsey was a Cricklewood girl. A mega star in the 1970's, source of many a teenage crush! Sadly missed

10. Enid Blyton

Did you know Enid Blyton ashes are in Golders Green cemetery. The list of the people she resides there with is fascinating, well worth a view. 

Have a great weekend!

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