Thursday 13 August 2020

Sad News in Mill Hill - The magic poo fairy has died!

 I have some terrible news for the dog owners of Mill Hill, or to be precise, a small number of highly responsible dog owners. These wonderful citizens, who have been ensuring their doggies get their walkies and don't let the onerous task of interrupting the doggies fun by picking up poo. The sad news is that the magic poo fairy who follows them around, magically making the poo disappeared has died. As a result,  we were greeted with the magical sight of mountains of poo on our walk around Mill Hill Park this morning. With the passing of the magic poo fairy, owners of doggies really should invest in a supply of plastic bags and use them to collect the poo and put it in the bins that Barnet Council have kindly put around the park. I do realise that this may involve carrying a bag of poo several yards, between the poo site and the bin, but it really is much nicer for everyone if you do this. 

Whilst it is very kind hanging the bags of poo in on trees and bushes for the magic poo fairy to collect,  sadly with her passing, they will simply stay where you left them now. 

I really wish that Barnet Council would issue large fines for people who are so inconsiderate. They give the rest of us responsible dog owners a very bad name. 

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