Sunday 23 August 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 23 August 2020

Last week was  a struggle to find ten interesting tweets that meet our criteria. I ran out at eight, so there was no list. Fortunately this week our local Tweeters have been back on form! Here is our pick

1. Little bits of local trivia always intrigue me. From this tweet I learned that all of the power for the Thameslink line from Mill Hill to St Pancras is derived from a substation in Grahame Park

2. Who knew that Burnt Oak was a hotbed of aquatic activity?

3. A nice historical tweet of a rather different Colindale

4. Some nice pics here of Hendon in times gone by

5. A rather nice picture of the Borough's finest garden centre!

6. I do like a nice piccie of a beautiful sky, and this is a nice picture of a beautiful sky

7. And I love a bit of local rock and roll history!

8. Nice to see some positive community tweeting from the Police in Totteridge, nice image

9. Angie A is one of our favourite local musicians. Check her out

10. What's your favourite misheard lyrics?

That's all folks!

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