Friday 10 December 2021

Glad we've made it to Friday - The worst week for a long time

 It just keeps getting worse. It has been a truly awful week. I do hope yours has been better. Let me share my misery with you. On Monday, I arrived early for work as we had Rockschool exams. I was in the process of selling a guitar pedal to very pleasant young mum who was looking for an Xmas present for her son who was doing an exam, when all hell broke loose. The fence on the M1 Motorway, next to our entrance had become loose and was unsafe. A team of scaffolders had turned up to erect a platform. One of them, who clearly had anger issues, had an argument with one of our neighbours at the car wash and punched him. In the ensuing melee, the sale was lost. We then had  a visit from the Police. I'm pleased to say that the scaffolder was moved from the site, but it was a bad start to the week. Just to make matters worse, our three most obnoxious customers either had rehearsals booked or rang to complain about being banned. I'd hoped that would be all of the fun out of the way for the week. Was it a full moon?

Tuesday wasn't quite as exciting at work, but it wasn't a good day. My wife changed the BT Internet password and had forgotten the new one. This meant I had to watch Manchester City on a Dodgy Chinese stream, with a commentary in Mandarin. Of course City played absolutely rubbish and lost.  After, when we took our dogs out for a walk, we were just returning when our neighbour (no lights on, windows steamed up), nearly reversed over me and the dogs. I was none too impressed and gave him a piece of my mind. He jumped out and became very aggressive. I told him that he should calm down and apologise as he'd nearly run us over. He said we should look where we are going. When he realised that shouting and being aggressive wasn't working, he apologised and said he was drunk. He said he was just reparking his car, so it was on a residents bay, in case he forgot in the morning.  I hope that he's reflected on the situation in the cold light of day. Rather irritatingly, my wife told me I should have spoken more politely to him. 

Wednesday was another rather irritating day. It's normally my day off, but as we had Rockschool exams, I had to work. In keeping with the way the week was going, the studio printer packed up. We have a lot of paperwork and so this was a bit of a spanner in the works. Boris surprised us all with a swathe of new restrictions, which has resulted in a whole swathe of bands cancelling rehearsals. I accept the need for restrictions, but when the government changes the rules and it has a huge effect on your business, it would be good to get some financial help. Others are hit worse than us, but as the Furlough scheme has stopped we now get no help at all. 

Thursday is normally the day I look forward to, as I play football at Powerleague. However, we found our website had been hacked. I spent the whole day firefighting. Our amazing IT supplier sorted it out at 8pm. I went to football, it was cold and wet and it was a horrible game, which we lost heavily. I played much of it in goal, which was no fun at all. Just to make matters worse, the mixer tap in the kitchen sprung a leak.

And on to today. We had planned to take the dogs over Darlands and the Totteridge valley, but it was simply too muddy. When we got back to our house, the dogs were getting out of the car and a passing car passed rather too close, hitting our ten year old Lab cross. Fortunately he is OK, but it sort of sums up the week.

My Mum being of a very Irish superstitious tradition, told me that when you have a run of bad luck, it may be because someone has put a curse on you. She told me a simple little prayer that gives all the bad luck back to the wicked soul who put the curse on you. I have this morning said this. You may consider this superstitious, but as I did, a sunbeam shone into the kitchen and I felt much better. I suspect that somewhere, someone is about to start a very unpleasant week!

Have a great weekend, I know I will now.

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