Sunday, 19 December 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 19th December 2021

 So how has your week been? This was meant to be one of my best weeks of the year. I managed to play five a side at Powerleague and watch the mighty Hadley FC beat Crawley Town 5-0. I was meant to be going to see The Vibrators last night at the Dublin Castle and the Pogue Traders at the same venue. My best mate is isolating as his daughter has Covid. As with last year, as Christmas moves closer, it seems to move further away. I was planning to attend mass at The Sacred Heart on Xmas Eve at 5pm. I've just learned it's been cancelled. So that's been my week. What have our local tweeters been up to?

1. I love this thread. What unite's George Michael and Syd's barbers?

2. This strange glow in the sky has been causing a lot of chit chat on social media. We won't spoil the fun and explain

3. Well done to my old school for engaging in the proper spirit of Xmas

4. My pal Dr Julia Hines put a lot of work into this thread. It is worth a read. I've known Julia a long time and she's someone who's opinion I trust without question.

5. I do love living in a City where we can celebrate the victories of the Algerian Football team

6. This tweet caught my eye. It seems that a new film studio opens every week somewhere around here

7. We seem to be seeing a lot of burst watermains locally at the moment

8. Worth a mention

9. Sadly, after 3 years, this is still happening

10. Nice!

That's all folks!

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