Sunday, 26 December 2021

The tweets of the week in the Borough of Barnet - 26th December 2021

 Happy St Stevens day! (AKA Bozing day). When I was a kid, this was a big day. Being from a good Catholic household and going to a Catholic school, I was an alter server. St Steven was the patron St of Alter servers. On his feast day, the Sacred Heart laid on a special treat for Alter Servers on St Stevens day. We had a special mass at 8am that it was compulsory to attend! At some point, a new, young Priest Fr Jimmy Sheil (God rest his soul, he died not too long ago) turned up. Jimmy moved it to Ten AM and gave us a little party afterwards, where we got sweets and fizzy drinks. Jimmy was a brilliant man. He loved sports, especially Rugby and was always a laugh. The Alter Servers doubled in size when he was around. So wherever you are Jimmy, RIP. I can't think of Boxing Day without remembering Jimmy. Anyway, without further ado, here's my selection of the very best tweets of the week. 

1. Having mentioned Jimmy, it seems appropriate to pick this tweet first. The Good Neighbour scheme for Burnt Oak and Mill Hill have their annual Xmas lunch at The Sacred Heart. It is a brilliant local charity. 

2. My Christmas wish for the year is that the Council and historic England to pull their finger out and sort this. A Merry Xmas to our good friend Mr Mark Amies, who does so much wonderful work preserving our local history

3. It is always a joy to bring you details of a new local blog. I like the look of this one. And Merry Xmas to our Welsh Harpies friends

4. If anyone out there didn't get me an Xmas present because they weren't sure what to get, I'd love one of these Cricklewood Classics! Our little patch used to be the heart of the British Auto and Aerospace sectors. I'm not sure if anything is made in the Borough anymore?

5. Nice post from the Finchley dogwalkers, many locals have dogs, which we all want to keep healthy

6. We have a new bridge in Finchley and it's been officially christened!

7. Well done to all of the volunteers who helped

8. As ever briliant tweeting from the Mill Hill Historical Society

9. You have to smile.....

10. And on the subject of smiles!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday safely and happuly

That's all folks.

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