Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Pike Road has reopened - but Mount Grove access is closed

We are pleased to report that Pike Road has opened, meaning that there is access for residents in the Fairway area of Mill Hill to Apex Corner, without having to drive to Stirling Corner. It has taken over a week for Barnet Council and TFL to sort out the reopening, despite local councillors promising residents that it would be open a week ago. There is still equipment stored on Pike Lane in one lane, so it is unclear why this wasn't simply done from day 1.

If you want to discuss the Mount Grove situation, email your GLA Representative - The GLA oversee TFL

There are still however long queues on the A1 from Stirling Corner

The bad news is TFL have closed access to Mount Grove on the west bound carriageway of the A41. It seems they are determined to punish local residents. Mount Grove residents now have to drive to Broadfields and do a U turn to access their road. Once again the question is, who was consulted? We have submitted a freedom of information request to Barnet Council to access all of the paperwork and will be writing a full report. This is necessary as we need to ensure that councillors are aware that they cannot neglect their duties and if they've not been briefed, they should ensure there are consequences for slapdash officials. 

The question every local resident wants to know is how are these cock ups allowed to happen. Did councillors wave this through? Did Council officials agree it without consulting councillors? Did TFL simply do it without proper consultation? 

We've contacted Anne Clarke at the GLA for a comment about Mount Grove. We will report back. 

Update at 15.00

Apparently Mount Grove has no reopened as reported by Anne Clarke

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