Sunday 15 May 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 15th May 2022

 So how has your week been? I saw my team win the cup final! No, not the Scousers, the Mighty Hadley FC, the oldest club in the Borough of Barnet! (more of that later). It was my son's birthday, so had a wonderful Chinese meal at The Good Earth. I posted the most read blog for two years about traffic mayhem and we had a couple of days on the South Downs, walking with the doggies!

1. So here's a question, should we reopen the old FInsbury Park to Edgware railway? Or at least part of it. I think it would make sense to reopen the line to Copthall and the StoneX stadioum

2. This was my highlight of the week. @Hadleyfc won the Spartan SML League cup, in a thrilling match. The highlights are well worth watching, a couple of cracking goals.

3. It is good to see that at last the Railway in Edgware has been cleaned up. Lets hope this is a sign of things to come

4. Our friends at @Time_NW tell us that this is their most popular tweet ever. That is something. They've posted some crackers

5. We were having some fun in Mill Hill yesterday. The Inside Mill Hill team have done an amazing job getting people out to enjoy the fun in the sun

6. I love a local spy mystery story

7. How could you not love this tweet!

8. Looking for something to do this afternoon? This is wonderful

9. Do you want a cracking night out, listening to Britains finest funksters!

10. Rock and Roll in the heart of Mill Hill!

That's all folks!

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