Monday, 9 April 2012

Another Barnet blog to watch

The Barnet Eye is happy to promote other all other bloggers and concerned citizens in Barnet. We do this in various ways. We publish guest blogs, we link to other blogs and we promote community events and local artists. So if you fit into any of those catagories, let us know. We are also happy to promote community events and charity fundraising appeals. We do this on a non party political basis, so we will be happy to promote anything from the Mayor of Barnets charity to events for local hospices. The blog is read by over 1,000 Barnet citizens a day, so it is a great way to get info over and we don't charge for the service.

Anyway, we have another Barnet Blogger. It is Adam Langleben. Adam says about himself
A London based Political Consultant, member of the Labour Party. Former blairate. Also a member of the Jewish Labour Movement, Labour Friends of Israel, Pro-Zion and the Movement for Reform Judaism.  
You can follow him here :-

His blog is well written, honest and informative. Its takes more of an interest in Jewish London issues than most of the Barnet blogs, but also covers all manner of local news and issues.

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