Wednesday 4 April 2012

Are UKIP U-sluss ?

Let me let you in on a little secret, nobody knows this, but the Barnet and Camden UKIP candidate is a chap called Michael Corby. I have started to suspect that he is the invisible man. Whilst everyone seems to know Tory candidate Brian Coleman, for his multitude of sins and his "all publicity is good publicity" mantra and everyone knows former Hendon MP Andrew Dismore, who is a hard working and diligent candidate, where is MR Corby. Ex Hendon Tory bigwig, who defected to UKIP, Adrian Murray-Leonard assured me last year that UKIP would beat the Lib Dems into fourth place in Barnet and Camden at the GLA elections. He stated that Coleman was so unpopular that they may even win the seat.

My assumption was that UKIP would target the seat and go in all guns blazing. Whilst I doubt they could beat Dismore, my assumption was that they would see Barnet as a place where they could get their vote high enough on the PR list vote, on the back of an anti Coleman campaign, to get a rep in the GLA.

Sadly (for them), it seems they have no organisation, no strategy and no effective organisation in Barnet. In short they are missing an open goal. What is shocking is that no one I've spoken to seems to understand how the GLA voting system works. Even a supposed "political party" like UKIP are seemingly unaware of how to exploit a weak "candidate from hell" like Tory Coleman to boost their chances on the PR list top up system.

In short, I think that UKIP should rename themselves U-Sluss. If they can't get their act together to even get a leafllet out in Barnet, they clearly don't deserve any representation. My advice to disaffected Tories, who hate Coleman and would vote UKIP in protest. Abstain for Coleman and vote Tory on the top up list. Voting for a party or candidate who is invisible and a party with no election strategy, is sending out completely the wrong message. If you want to send a strong signal to the Conservative Party that Brian Coleman is not an appropriate candidate, following his parking policy fiasco and his general boorish demeanour, then you can do this by voting for Boris in the Mayoral election, Conservative on the top up list and abstaining on the Coleman vote (you will get three voting slips). The Conservatives are a well organised and professional party and analyse the results in minute detail. They will see this and will then make sure that the local Tory party get the message that such basket case behaviour is unacceptable.


Morris Hickey said...

I see that this lot have now branded themselves as "Fresh Voice for London". A deliberate ploy to deceive the voters, I wonder?

Their candidate here in Havering & Redbridge is also that "party's" candidate for Mayor - an admission in my view that they cannot win on either election.


Ampers said...

I read your article with interest. You really have piled on the cant so hard that it makes me wonder what your motives are.

I detest Coalman (spelling not an accident) and whilst I hate the Tories, I hate Labour even more and who are the LibDems when they are at home?

I'll probably vote for Corby, that's if I can be bothered to walk to the polling station that is.

But, on reflection, the strength of your seemingly hatred for him does make me wonder whether he has a chance, so perhaps I will, indeed, make the effort.

Rog T said...

Andrew Ampers Taylor

My "motives" are to call it as I see it. Do you understand that concept? I've no hatred for anyone, I just think he's been invisible. He had the option of posting a comment and didn't bother. There is no moderation. What is your problem with that/