Thursday, 5 April 2012

A blue plaque for Richard Cornelius on the side of Friern Barnet Library

I have commissioned a blue plaque to commemorate the closure of Friern Barnet by the Leader of Barnet Council on the 5th April 2012. I will be arranging a ceremony to erect the Plaque on the side of the Library and will be inviting all of Barnet's Councillors down to attend the ceremony. Here is the design.
We will of course be filming the ceremony and inviting Councillor Richard Cornelius who is the leader of the council and the person proud to lead a library shutting administration to say a few words. We will also invite Councillor Robert Rams to speak and explain to us his civic pride in the way he has engaged with the community to ensure that their views were completley ignored. As the Library has shut, rather poignantly on Maunday Thursday, in the season of Easter, we will be presenting both Councillor Rams and Councillor Cornelius with a symbolic gift of 30 pieces of silver to mark their loyalty to the community they serve. Maybe the next council meeting should open with prayers to St Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus most well known Apostles, a man who like Rams and Cornelius preferred to take the cash than show loyalty to the community to which he belonged.

You may say "There is no way that Barnet Council will allow such a plaque to be erected on the side of the Library building". If that is the case, it means that Councillor Richard Cornelius is not proud of his policy of Library closure and doesn't want anyone to know that as Leader, he is ultimately responsible. Well Richard, I am sorry. The days of hiding are gone. If you make a decision which affects the community, you should be able to be proud of it and not be afraid of people knowing about it.

I can see no possible objection to the Blue Plaque. It will be tasteful, it will be in keeping with the street scene and it will commemorate the passing of a well loved institution. What worse criminal damage can there be to a library than to shut it.

Whatever happens. I will announce the date of the Plaque laying ceremony and I will turn up with my blue plaque, the cameras and whoever happens to care. Let us see if our local Councillors have the guts to account to their community and turn up.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Is this the same Richard Cornelius who applied to Chipping Barnet Conservatives to stand as a candidate because of his passionate opposition to the decision to close Totteridge Library?

Morris Hickey said...

Shades of Dale Carnegie!

Preci Badg said...

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