Friday, 27 April 2012

Physically sickened by the attitude of our paid representatives

A week ago, I lost a dear friend. It put many things into perspective and I made a decision to step change the content and tone of the blogs I write. I decided to do more coverage of social issues which are not being written about. The reaction I got regarding the pieces about Paul's death was overwhelming. There is a need for more such blogs and I believe these help people. This week was the first week (barring holidays) for four years that I haven't trawled the council website for DPR reports. Out of respect to the people who read the blog, I didn't plan to completely ignore Barnet, just be more measured. I also planned to feature far more guest blogs if possible and do more video interviews.

Yesterday I went to Cafe Buzz in Finchley for the first of these. It was with Ms Poppy, the Green candidate. The interview is great, but to be quite honest, it has been completely overshadowed in my mind by an incident described in the two previous blogs.
Both of these blogs were composed last night. Today I awoke and wheras usually I am up by 7am, it's 11.22 and I've just got up. I feel totally sick and drained. The mere act of writing this blog is an effort almost beyond me. I have to visit my business, sort out my staff, then see a rep, then visit the bereaved girlfriend of my bereaved friend.

Last night I played football until 9.30pm, had two pints of Shandy at the Three Hammers and came home. I then read the second of Councillor Barry Evangeli's replies. After composing the update blog, I went to bed. I didn't sleep. I was fuming. This man is paid to represent the people of Barnet. He is a Conservative Councillor who is meant to stand up for the people against the executive. he is currently deputy Mayor. He is a regular customer of Cafe Buzz and Helen Michael introduced him to me as "my friend Barry".

I had made the simple assumption that as he witnessed the incident, he would instinctively know it was wrong. How wrong I was. He described my comments as "making a mountain out of a molehill" - this in response to a Council official serving a notice on his "friend" in the front of her customers.

I can only think to myself, if this is how he responds in response to an incident like this, what on earth is he doing being paid to represent the people. I've had no experience Councillor Evangeli before. He is clearly well  thought of being made deputy mayor after a short career in the Council chamber.

I had planned to put up the interview with Ms Poppy today. I apologise to her, for not doing this. Every time I view the footage, it makes me angry and I am actually feeling physically sick, especially when see Mr Evangeli in it. After four years of trying, Barnet Council have finally found a way of shutting me up. All they need is to ensure that Councillor Evangeli is present and I will be unable to control my gag reflex.

I am afraid that I will not be blogging agian today, need a break. I will be at the Friern Peoples Library tomorrow at 11am.  I hope to see you then


Scotch Hopper said...

5:10pm. Coleman is in Barnet High Street telling traders to take their posters down!

baarnett said...

There's a follow up story in the Barnet Times, HERE.

"Cafe owner summoned to council meeting"

Morris Hickey said...

Bwian Coleperson - Barnet's answer to Adolf Hitler.