Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Tale of Two Barnets - House of Commons Premier

Last night there was a screening of A Tale of Two Barnets at the House of Commons. The screening was arranged by John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington. John is one of the busiest MP's, tirelessly campaigning for people affected by cuts and the effects of cuts on their key services. John got to hear about the film and recognised that the issues raised by the film go well beyond the boundaries of Barnet.

The Wilson room was packed with people interested to see the film. As well as a good number of people from Barnet, John was joined by Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington , who confessed to owning and allotment in Barnet. Other notable people present were Rob Lloyd, philanthropist and secret Millionaire, Gary Peak, former Aston Villa Footballer, Joe Egan, Boxer and Eastenders star and Russell Floyd, star of the Eastenders and the Bill. All had come to express their support for the film and people affected by the cuts. During the Q&A afterwards, Russell Flioyd made an impassioned speech, echoing the sentiments of Ken Loach in the film that people have to get out on the streets. He said " I am from South London and these issues affect everyone".

John Sullivan, campaigner for disabled rights, sat on the panel and explained how he was 21 when his disabled daughter Susan was born. He told how then there were no support services. He explained the difference these made and how they were being systematically destroyed.

Perhaps the most controversial comments were from Finchley traders association campaigner Helen Michael. She urged all Tory voters to "Back Boris and Sack Brian (Coleman)" and distributed leaflets showing all the shops closed by Brian Colemans parking policies. Helen is a core Tory voter and completely alienated by Coleman.

All in all a night to be remembered. (TBC)

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