Thursday, 19 April 2012

The many achievements of Brian Coleman in Finchley and Barnet

Helen Michael, owner of Cafe Buzz and a staunch Barnet Conservative until Brian Coleman was put in charge of Barnet Council parking policies has released a leaflet for local Conservative voters. Helen is unashamedly a fan of Boris. She tells me that he must be a very sweet fellow because anyone without such a big heart would have sacked Brian Coleman years ago.

Last night at the screening of A Tale of Two Barnets, someone of the left suggested she shouldn't urge people to vote for Boris on her leaflet. She replied that she was seeking to influence only staunch Tories as everyone else would rather boiled alive in molten vomit than vote for Brian Coleman (well actually those weren't her exact words, but you get the drift).

All of the shops pictured in Helens poster are ones closed down since Brian Coleman introduced his "SHAFT THE SHOPKEEPER" initiative. Helen is desperate to inform Conservative voters that they can vote for Boris and vote to sack Brian at the same time.

If you think that shafting hard working local businessmen is a sound Conservative policy, then you may want to vote for Brian Coleman. If, like the rest of Barnet you think it is terrible, then follow Brian Colemans advice and vote to sack Brian.

Let's turn the 3rd of May into a referendum on Colemans parking policy. A vote for Brian Coleman is a vote to destroy local business.

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