Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A bit on the side?

Lets face it, we all like a bit on the side don't we? Calm down dear, I'm not being smutty (that's Mrs Angrys job), nope I'm talking about the right hand column of this blog ! This is where I try and put titbits of information and links to other useful sites. My stats tell me that some of you use this service quite regularly. So what have we got going on the side?

Well, there is a count of blog hits since May 2009. As of now it's 455,945. Then we have some stuff about the film we produced, A Tale of Two Barnets. Then there are some Google ads. These generate a bit of cash and justabout pay my monthly broadband bill. Then there is a video of the Finchley traders protest in January. This will soon be changed.Then there is a twitter feed for all of our local bloggers.

We then have a set of links, ordered by the most recent post, to other blogs we like and who we share links with. Then there are links to a few other local blogs which may be of interest. We then have something about the Save Barnets Libraries petition and a link to the BAPS newspaper. Below this are links to the most popular Barnet Eye videos.

Under this are this weeks most popular blogs. This tells you what specific stories people like. Under that is the blog archive, our followers and my profile detail. I then have twitter feeds for our local MP's Matthew Offord and Mike Freer. As far as I'm aware Villiers doesn't tweet. If she does, let me know and I'll add it.

Under that is a rant about rip off train companies, in solidarity with our local commuters. Then there is a tool to help you look up IP addresses if people are spying on you. Then we have the Alexa details, which currently says this blog is the 2,630,963 most popular website on the planet !

Then there is the weather in Barnet and finally a news feed.

Anyway, the point of this post? Just to ask if you'd like to see any of these items added to or changed as we plan our revamp? Tell me if you like or hate something.

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Morris Hickey said...

I found the link to Robot Trams's blog useful. Thanks.