Sunday, 1 April 2012

Breaking News : Brian Coleman to join Barnet Lib Dems

Barnet Lib Dem Leader this morning announced that Brian Coleman is to join the Liberal Democrat Party. The deal has been brokered by Nick Clegg and David Cameron, in an attempt to revitalise the coalition in Barnet. The existing Lib Dem candidate for the GLA elections has agreed to step aside to allow Mr Coleman a free run at the seat.

The Barnet Eye suggests that this is clearly a panic move, sparked by recent reports that Labour candidate Andrew Dismore is a shoe in for Barnet. Jack Cohen added "Although Brian and myself have had our run ins in the past, we are really the best of friends. Brian and his mum often pop in for tea and scones on their way to functions in London". The Barnet Eye rang Mr Coleman for a comment but got the phone slammed down on us. Conservative Leader Richard Cornelius said "I urge everyone in Barnet to support the Coalition candidate. This arrangement is great for Conservatives and great for our partners"

************* Updated 11.20 *****************
In a surprise announcement this morning, the local Barnet GMB branch announced that it is dumping Labour candidate Andrew Dismore and will be backing Lib Dem candidate Brian Coleman. Local branch sec Avi Newon said 'in the GMB we like to back winners'. In a seperate move, Coleman was seen in Brent Cross with Ceo Tom Nathan shopping for wooly jumpers and was heard to say 'i suppose i'll have to grow a beard'


Morris Hickey said...

And today is 1 April.

Mr Mustard said...

Must ask Jack and Monroe if they used to have beards. Expect Lady Palmer could knit a jumper for Brian. One with two head holes would be good?

baarnett said...

This is a highly significant move, because it means Brian's GLA campaign Fund-Raising Luncheon, attended by Countess Spencer, is back on again.

From her modest little cottage
she will entertain Brian's guests to a simple pasty meal, although those who give more than £250,000 will be entitled to a kitchen supper of sausage rolls, at slightly above ambient temperature, and entertainment by Mrs Angry.