Monday, 30 April 2012

Barnet Eye Exclusive : Interview with A. M. Poppy Green Party Candidate for Barnet and Camden GLA

Interview with A.M. Poppy, Green Party candidate for Barnet and Camden. 

Editorial comment :

This video is the edited highlights of the interview with Poppy. A section was removed containing footage of a Barnet Council official delivering a letter to the proprietor of the Cafe Helen Michael. This was removed because we felt it would detract from the interview with Poppy who kindly agreed to give up her time to appear.

We will point this out. If you watch carefully, you will notice that there are far more people in the Cafe than the 2 people Councillor Barry Evangeli claimed in his letter to the Leader of the Council, Richard Cornelius. Helen Michael also wishes to categorically state that she does not keep a cat at the cafe as alleged by Councillor Evangeli.

The Barnet Eye was highly impressed with the views of Poppy and believe she would make a great councillor or GLA candidate. We do however urge all Green voters to cast their GLA vote for Andrew Dismore as we believe that it is vital that everyone who wants to see Brian Coleman replaced votes for the candidate most likely to unseat him. I would strongly urge every Green Party voter to make sure they vote come hell or high water. The best way to ensure Green representation is to vote green on the orange top up list. The Greens have a real chance of increasing their representation by this means. If you want to make real change in Barnet, vote Dismore for Camden and Barnet and Green in the Top up list.

Any other candidate wishing to be interviewed by the Barnet Eye is welcome to get in touch.

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