Monday, 16 April 2012

Councillor Robert Rams wants to arrest Spurs fans who call themselves Yids

Self proclaimed Arsenal fanatic, Barnet Councillor Robert Rams is calling for Tottenham Hotspur fans who call themselves "Yids" to be arrested. In his blog today he said
As you will see the term Yid has huge anti-Semitic connotations. As they rightly point out, it is against the law to call someone a Yid in the street – so why do Spurs fans feel that they can get away with using the word, even if they are describing themselves?
Tottenham Hotspur has traditionally had strong connections with North Londons large Jewish community. Spurs fans adopted the nickname "Yiddoes" as a way of humourous and mature response to taunts (not least from Arsenal fans such as Robert Rams) for this association. Tottenham Hotspur football club has long been one of the most inclusive and tolerant groups of fans and are proud of their heritage. For fanatical Arsenal fan Rams to use this civic pride as a way of attacking a club he clearly despises is truly bizarre.

For the record, I'm an impartial observer in this row as I support Manchester City FC. I'm all for kicking out racism from football, but do we really want all football fans arrested for celebrating the cultural heritage of their club? I do agree with Rams in his comments about Chelsea supporters and their chants yesterday. That was vile and most certainly should be dealt with by football authorities and the police.

Here's Robert Rams blog so you can see what he has to say - -  I suspect that Rams has been told to blog more frequently about non political issues to improve his appalling reputation. I hardly think that calling for the arrest of Tottenham Hotspur fans is likely to help boost his credibility.

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Morris Hickey said...

Robot Trams needs to get a grip of his knickers (if he wears any).

The word "yid" is a corruption of the German word Jude, meaning Jew. There is also a language widely spoken among European Jewish communities called Yiddish. Both words are in common use among Jewish people with metaphorically thicker skins than Robot Trams.

But perhaps he's now a Wigan fan.