Friday, 6 April 2012

The Barnet Eye to open a Peoples Library at Friern Barnet next Saturday 14th April

The Barnet Eye today announces plans to open a "Peoples Library" outside the closed Friern Barnet Library between 11am and 1pm next Saturday 14th April. As Councillor Richard Cornelius and Councillor Robert Rams clearly have no intention of listening to the people of Barnet, it is up to us to show them that we are not prepared to sit idly by and let Barnet Council strip us of our services, purley to fund the £1 million a year they spend on allowances and other services for Councillors who do nothing for the community.

The concept is simple. Local residents are invited down to bring any books they have read and no longer require. The Barnet Eye will bring our collection, which were donated when we ran the original "Save Barnets Libraries" Campaign in September 2010. The local community is invided down to bring books and borrow books.

We will also be interviewing local residents for our new film "Robert Rams -  The Twat who stole our library".

If you are not doing anything next Saturday between 11am and 1pm Please come along, bring a book and borrow a book. Lets not miss this opportunity to show them that our library will not die.

We will also be running a competition to design a professionally made Blue Plaque which we will be erecting on the side of the library in a public civic ceremony. Please bring your designs down. All age groups welcome and everyone under the age of 93 who submits a design will get a free lollypop !


tw said...

Why the age discrimination, Barnet Eye?! Why only under 93 years old?!

Apart from that it is a brilliant initiative! I'm sure it will gain momentum once we start it.


Lisa James said...

Hi, I'd love to give this some coverage on the Vocativ website - please drop me a line at

Lindsay said...

I'll be there!