Thursday, 12 April 2012

James Cleverly gives Brian Coleman a helping hand !

Big hearted GLA Tory supremo has generously stepped in to ensure that his colleague Brian Coleman can claim all the taxi rides representing the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority at dinners around the capital. Regulare readers will know that Brian Coleman has chalked up thousands of pounds on cab fares over the years. Rumour has it that there is a London wide shortage of cab receipt books currently. Luckily kind hearted old James Cleverly has printed up a stack of BackBoris cab receipt books and has been doling them out to the capitals cabbies, who are one of the biggest groups of Brian Coleman supporters, repaying his support for their services. Tonight James tweeted how our cabbies are lapping up the receipt books

Just given the last few of my taxi receipt books to a SE London cabbies, getting a great response.
 I'm rather surprised that the London GLA Tories don't give Brian Coleman his very own, limited edition receipt book. If you want to see how much Brian Coleman has spent on Taxi's and other expenses courtesy of you and me the taxpayer in the last few years, click here:

Not a bad total for a man who earns £120,000 per annum for a string of part time jobbies !

I'm not surprised that James got a great response, are you?


Mr Mustard said...

if you google this Roger you will find the same tactic was used in 2008

Morris Hickey said...

EARNS £120k? Receives, surely! If London Assembly Members were paid what they earn then at least 2 of them would be near death from starvation.

Rog T said...

Mr Mustard,

Well it may. I don't objectto the tactic, I think it is hilarious when they have BC as a candidate


You are of course right. I stand corrected