Friday, 20 April 2012

Friern barnet Library Update - The hypocrisy of Councillor Robert Rams

Councillor Robert Rams is fast establishing  a reputation as the most slippery character in Barnet Politics. The man will say anything at all if he thinks it makes him sound good. At the Barnet Eye we say "judge a man by his actions, not his words"

In an article in todays Barnet Press, Councillor Robert Rams said
“I’m delighted that residents have taken the initiative to create such a library. It’s the Big Society in action.”
If Rams was delighted and believed it was "Big Society in action" why did he?

Refuse to attend the event
Refuse to respond to an email inviting him to the event.
Refuse the offer of financial assistance to help reopen the library.
Close Friern Barnet Library which was clearly well supported and set up a temproary library a mile and a half up the road, at huge expense.
Mislead the cmapiagners fighting to preserve the library for months on end about his intention
Ignore a consultation where 95% of people asked to retain the Friern Library

Well Robert, if you are so delighted about residents protesting about your policies and having to open a peoples Library because you won't listen, please post this film on your on your blog to show it !

The Friern Barnet Peoples Library will take place this Saturday from 11am until 1pm in the Friern Barnet Royal British Legion if weather is inclement  Please come down, borrow a book, sign the petition and tell us what you think of Barnet's slipperiest character. The Peoples Library can never replace a real Library, but we can use it to bring our community together to tell these dodgy chancers exactly what we think of their crass attempt to hijack the concept of civilised society and subvert it for their own political agenda.

This week we extend the invitation to Councillor Rams to come down and tell us what part of  the "Big Society" concept involves riding roughshod over the opinions of local people, ignoring consultations and deceiving genuine people trying to help their community?

If the video fails to appear on Rams blog, then it is clear to the world exactly how slippery Rams really is and the fact that he'll say anything to the press to try and look good. Rams may have the spin, Me? I'll just settle for the evidence.

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Morris Hickey said...

Slippery? Well certainly he was outside Totteridge & Whetstone Station!