Sunday, 15 April 2012

So who is the "evil genius" behind the Barnet Eye?

How odd? Today I was asked who the evil genius behind the Barnet Eye really is? Apparently this blog couldn't possibly be put together by me, all on my own. Well I've been described as many things, but a genius? You seriously are having a laugh.

Well I'm all for a bit of transparency. So let me share who really is behind the Barnet Eye? Well mostly me. Then there are the guest bloggers who write submissions marked up as guest blogs. Then there are the various residents of Barnet, moles in the council, green activists and people with axes to grind who send me the 50 or so emails I receive every day about Barnet related matters.

How long do I spend blogging. On average about an hour a day typing and an hour a day researching. When there is a hot issue you can double that. I don't think you need to be a genius to be a Barnet blogger, you just have to care about the place you live in. Then the blogs sort of write themselves.

As to the other question. Am I evil? Well it depends on your definition of evil. If you think that it is evil to:

1) Care about your community
2) Care about those less well off than you
3) Be sickened by those who abuse their position
4) Think that charity homes for poor families should house poor families and not rich politicians
5) Think that your council should provide decent services for the less well off in society
6) Think that young people need playing fields and sports clubs
7) Think that old people in sheltered housing need wardens to look after them
8) Think that politicians are public servants and should treat the public with respect
9) Believe that if we come together life is better for all of us
10) Think that people who are pompous and arrogant should be brought down a peg

Then yes, I'm the most evil bastard you'll ever meet in your life. Have a nice week !

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