Sunday, 4 May 2014

Guest Blog - Exciting Plans For A New Community Hub 80 Daws Lane, Mill Hill - by Chris Wong

From time to time an opportunity presents itself which has the potential to make a significant contribution to the life of a community. 80 Daws Lane is such a project.  Known locally as the Civil Defence Building, it was constructed in 1939 to support the war effort. Since then, it has continued to be used for a variety of purposes including an archive centre, a temporary library and a nursery school which has recently vacated the premises. Its future use is now under consideration by the owner, Barnet Council.

Mill Hill Residents Association (MHRA) is developing a vision for the site as a Community Hub and is currently carrying out a programme of public consultation.  The concept is to provide a place for young people to meet, activities for parents with pre-school children, adult education, sport and recreation, music and cultural events, flexible working facilities, a Cafe bar, a gallery for local artists and a space to promote Mill Hill. In short a vibrant community facility for all.

MHRA has successfully registered the site as a Community Asset with Barnet Council. By doing so, the Council has identified 80, Daws Lane as having the potential to provide social, economic and environmental benefits to the community in which it stands. The project team is now developing a viable business plan for Barnet Council to consider.

Project Manager Chris Wong commented, “Responses received from our consultation questionnaire are already showing a high level of support from the community and we are also gaining political support for our vision.  We hope that Barnet Council recognises the benefits of developing the new hub and uses the legislation available to it to enable this community led project to come to fruition.

To comment on the project or request a consultation questionnaire please email The Mill Hill Residents Association at
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Anonymous said...

I think it is highly inappropriate that a valuable community asset as this is turned in a country club for people in million pound houses.