Thursday, 15 May 2014

A message from the Leader of the Barnet Conservatives

The Leader of the Barnet Conservatives told the Barnet Times that he believed most Barnet residents agreed with him that the cuts to the budget for services for the disabled were a price worth paying.

Amongst these cuts are the following.

Cuts to care packages which result in adult disabled people having to sit in their own urine and faeces for extended periods due to cuts in visiting times for their carers.

Cuts to transport budgets to day centres for disabled people, resulting in isolation and lonliness.

Cuts to budgets for day centres resulting huge rises in costs for the service users, resulting in social exclusion.

Why does Richard Cornelius, the Leader of the Conserrvatives think you agree with these? Because they have let him cut your Council tax by a whopping great 3p a day. If you save up for a month, the disabled people of Barnet will have just about paid for you to have a coffee in Satrbucks.

So the message from the Leader of the Barnet Conservatives is quite plain and simple. He thinks we are a bunch of callous, greedy selfish b*st*rds who would value the cost of a cup of coffee a month over basic services for the most vulnerable people in Barnet.

Is he right? Well if you think he is you can vote for him in the Council elections. If you think he's wrong you can send him packing and vote for someone else. Ask your friends and family the same question. Providing adult social services is one of the most important things the council do. Mr Cornelius thinks its  a vote winner. There is only one way he can be made to see the error of his ways. That means everyone has to know what they are voting for.

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