Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Tweets of the Week from the London Borough of Barnet

And what a week it was. The local elections saw some interesting comings and goings in the world of politics. Stepping off the stage we saw the dynamic duo of right wing Barnet politics riding into the sunset. When I started blogging, they were the Batman and Robin of Barnet. I am of course talking about Brian Coleman and Robert Rams. Back in October 2008, when Robert was working at the GLA as Brians press secretary, he managed to persuade the Hendon Times to sack me as an inhouse blogger on their website. Robert announced that he'd "ended my blogging career". This inspired me to start the Barnet Eye blog. Now he's moved out of public office (whilst my blogging career seems to be thriving), I will start the week with my favourite tweet from myself.

1. On the news that it looked like the Tories would lose the previously safe East Barnet seat

So will need a new twitter handle today? What will happen in East Barnet?

(footnote: Robert Rams New Twitter Handle is @RobertRams1 ) if you want to follow him.

2. The mood in the Tory camp was summed up by this tweet from the Deputy Leader of the Tories, Councillor Dan Thomas

A bittersweet victory. Barnet still in Conservative control but we lost some excellent hardworking councillors who will be missed.

3. The Leader of the Barnet Lib Dems explains the offside rule in football to Mrs Angry in terms he hopes she'll understand (we are delighted that Jack managed to hang on in Childs Hill)

  1. offside is when the asst referee raises their flag, that's all you need to know!

 4. Mrs Angry takes great delight in the final act of Brian Coleman's political career in Barnet

Watch and enjoy: Brian John Coleman - No Description - the declaration:

5. New Labour Councillor Adam Langleben reveals Barnet has made political history for the right reasons for once.

And we believe that new East Barnet councillor became the youngest councillor in England last night.

 6. Sangeeta Laudus, daughter of reelected Mill Hill Tory Councillor Sury Khatri expresses a sentiment quite widely shared in Mill Hill. Her Dad is well respected.

Congrats to my dad Sury Khatri for getting re-elected for another 4 years - good to see honesty & hard work are recognised x

7.  Former Chipping Barnet Tory Councillor Dan Hope (deselected in ward in 2006 following local infighting) takes great delight in the demise of his nemesis, the Tambourides family in Chipping Barnet
    1. Exclusive: Dramatic Shift Of Power To Labour Over 'Bread And Butter' Local Issues In Chipping Barnet Constituency

 8. Of course there has been far more going on in Barnet than simply politics. Our local Rugby club, the Saracens were playing in the final of the Heineken cup. Sadly they couldn't take the final step. I think the Barnet Eye needs a Rugby correspondent as I'd like to do match reports and support the local team. I'm not a Rugby fan though, so we have a vacancy !

. Euro dream comes to end in Cardiff as lift Full report >

 9. Chair of Mill Hill Residents Association on one particular council result

Despite a crude political assassination attempt and her colleagues held off and won well in W Finchley

10. And finally a word of praise from one of our local rabbi's 

Roger, we've had our sad, painful differences - but this is superb and important, as many of your blogs

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