Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Tweets of the Week - 3/5/2014

It's Saturday, so it's time again for our most popular regula feature. It's the Barnet Tweets of the week. The good, the bad, the funny, the banal and the obnoxious ! Without further ado, here we go

1. Some sound advice on how to deal with unwanted political leaflets, from Barnets self styled cycling guru

Apr 28

2. The Deputy Leader of the Barnet Tories lets us all in on his birthday plans and gives a plug for his local favoured curry house! As a big curry fan, good to see him supporting his local restaurant

It being my birthday does not get me out of bundling up leaflets and canvassing today but looking forward to a balti later !

3.  Councillor Robert Rams visits Auschwitz. I believe that it is a vital part of the education of every child to learn about such places and what happens when we allow extremists to take over. Whilst I don't see eye to eye with Rams on many things, I felt that this tweet and this subject is far too important to ignore and we should use every opportunity possible to remind people of the disgusting Nazi regime and what they did to millions of innocent people. With elections coming up, this is a timely reminder of why all of us should cast our votes wisely

Incredible day yesterday with - not sure I have fully taken in everything I saw

Incredible day yesterday with - not sure I have fully taken in everything I saw

 4. Thanks to Ben Samuel for drawing our attention to Hendon MP Matthew Offords latest scheme to help refugees from tyranny in the UK

asked an interesting question in Parliament: He wants to outsource contact with asylum seekers and immigrants, to a premium line.

5. Old fave Brian Coleman expresses his views on local Lib Dems (No he wasn't saying he preferred to spend his money on Hookers to in MacDonalds!)

Hooker is nice guy and was hardworking when briefly a Mill Hill Cllr. Macdonald was complete waste of space on Council

6. Talking of Councillor, soon to be Mr Coleman, troublemaking Cafe Owner Helen Michael gets a rather disturbing letter. I didn't get an invite to the wedding and I'm gutted !

Try this one. Still in shock

 7. International Superstar Mr Mustard reveals another Barnet Crapita Cock up

Crapita are now running payroll. Some people have not been paid at all & others have got several thousand £ extra.

8. Local Paper editor also highlighting another Barnet Crapita cock up

Barnet Council’s audit committee concerned report criticised “lack of ownership” of IT systems, which have been outsourced to Capita.

9. Mr Reasonable joins in with yet another Crapita cock up

  1. Capita and what outsourcing means in reality - no respect for the dead & contempt for their relatives.

 10. And a comment on the recent canonisation of two Popes from Mill Hill Music Complex

Soo now Pope John Paul is a saint. Must be time for Pope George Ringo to take over?

That's all folks !!!!!!!

If you've seen a tweet you think should make the list, let us know.

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