Friday, 30 May 2014

The Friday Joke - 30/5/2014 - Fr O'Malley gets some good news from the Inland Revenue

Fr O'Malley is in the parish office with the parish accountant doing the books when the phone rings. Fr O'Malley chats to the caller for a minute and then puts the phone down with a massive smile on his face. Mr Braithwaite the accountant says "Good News Father?" Father O'Malley replies "Oh yes, excellent news". Mr Braithwaite says "What is it?" Fr O'Malley replies "That was the Inland Revenue. They asked of Donnie O'Shea, the local property developer is a member of the congregation and whether he'd donated £50,000 to the Church development fund". Mr Braithwaite looked perplexed and said "But we've received no £50,000 donation from Donnie O'Shea". Father O'Malley smiled and said "Oh no, but I am sure we will now!"

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