Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Tweets of the week in Barnet 31/5/2014

So here it is, I know you've all been waiting for it! It's the Barnet Tweets of the week, so without further ado.

1. The Deputy Leader of the Barnet Tories joins in the whinging about BBC UKIP coverage. Perhaps hard to disagree with his point though

Brazen BBC anti-Tory coverage of local elections. UKIPs 157 Cllrs vs Conservative 1259 is no 'earthquake'.

2. Hampstead Garden Suburb Tory Danny 'Imber' Seal ;^) sums up the feelings of just about everyone about Stephen Suttons incredible efforts for the Teenage Cancer Trust. As a fellow sufferer of the Big C, happily not in the same situation as Stephen, all I can say is Stephen showed that not everyone with Cancer is a "Cancer victim"

One big to celebrate Stephen Sutton's incredible achievements and positivity!

3. Mrs Angry takes a few minutes out from handbagging Tories to have a pop at her fave lefty armchair champagne socialist rag (Heh Heh)

4. Donald Lyven admires Mrs A from afar at the Finchley Lit Fest

Enthusiastic applause as ends her entertaining illustrated talk on Charles Dickens at

5. Hendon MP Matthew Offord preparing for a new career in a call centre after the next election "Yes Madame, would you like an extra portion of Wedges with the Pizza". Do love the rather startled look of his colleague, who clearly hadn't seen the photographer. Was she really so surprised Matthew was actually doing something? Interesting to note that all the other members of the team had headsets. Could this imply Matthew wasn't reallya  fully engaged member of the team?

Calling on behalf of local Conservative candidates in Hendon constituency 

 6. New Labour Councillor Adam Langleben clearly is pleased that First Capital Connect has gone the way of so many Barnet Tory ex Councillors !

I doubt new operator will be able to sort out Thameslink problems. Good decision to strip of the franchise though.

7. Councillor Adam Langleben again with pictures of perhaps the most miserable looking celebration party in history !

 8. Another new Labour councillor encourages us to tell of TFL about Stirling Corner

Deadline 31 May (tomorrow!) to let TfL know whether you think Stirling Corner traffic lights should stay permanently

9. Our local Premiership Rugby team about to take the field in the climax to the Season !

The teams are out! What and atmosphere. Here we go, 80 minutes to go!

10. And finally - our fave local Music studio asks you to choose your fave album cover of all time !

Join the debate on our facebook page What's your fave album cover of all time

 That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed them

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