Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mike Freer MP in trouble for breaking electoral rules

Mike Freer MP has been reported to the Standards Commissioner for breaking rules over misuse of Parliamentary resources. Mr Freer contravined rules by using Commons headed notepaper to send a  party political message to local residents as part of a Tory Election campiagn in Childs Hill. Lord Monroe Palmer told the Hendon Times

“The letter is on Parliament paper in a Parliament House of Commons envelope with a free post envelope. But he has masqueraded a survey as to whether people approve or disapprove of a mansion tax – the letter is in conjunction with an election address." The Tory election leaflet condemns Labour and Liberal Democrats opinions on the mansion tax. Lord Palmer, who is a Liberal Democrat councillor, said: "The two have got to be looked at together. It’s like MPs over-claiming their expenses – it’s not illegal but it’s rather immoral. This is political campaigning with tax payers’ money.”

Rather sadly, Freers Tory colleage, Deputy Leader of the Tories in Barnet Dan Thomas finds it all rather hilarious. Yesterday he tweeted

Monroe has helped publicise our campaign against his party's mansion tax.

The Barnet Eye suspects that Mr Thomas wil not help Mr Freer with his trite comment. In my experience, the authorities take a dim view of people who stick two fingers up at the authorities and hold them in contempt.  I would suggest that the voters in Mr Thomas ward look very carefully at this man, who seems to think that the law of the land doesn't apply to Tories and finds it all rather funny


Anonymous said...

The Thomas contempt for the law of the land appears to mimic his utter contempt for the rights of Barnet residents to be consulted on the gambling £80million plus of our taxes on One Banet , that affords us absolutely no guarantee iOBP will save a brass farthing.

Contempt for the law and the basic principles of democracy is now an esttablished trait of modern conservatism, because we all know Freer is unlikely to even get a slap on the wrist for his abuse of public funds.

Don't Call Me Dave said...


You know that I am not a member of the Mike Freer fan club, but if he is guilty, then so is every MP of every political colour. They all do it, and whilst taxpayers have the legitimate right to ask if these ‘surveys’ are an appropriate use of public money, it is nauseatingly hypocritical for the LibDems to make the complaint.

The public are not fooled by them any longer and it will be a great pleasure to see the LibDems wiped off the political map after Thursday.

Rog T said...


I remember when you used to think MP's should play by the rules. I suppose the fact most MP's took the piss out of expenses rules made that OK as well

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Of course MPs should play by the rules. My point is that if you make a complaint against Freer, then you have to complain against all of them.

APML said...
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