Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Tweets of the week - 10/5/2014

Without further ado

1, Councillor Brian Coleman feels studying domestic violence against women is not a worthy way to spend your time. With his crim record he would, I suppose

Domestic violence in Kenya 1929 to 1970 , get a life

2. The Deputy Leader of Barnet Council doesn't like the Hendon Times

Out delivering leaflets in my ward. Wonder how much this sentiment is shared?

3. Councillor Robert Rams launches bizarre attack on his colleague Kate Salinger who Council Leader Richard Cornelius credited with saving Friern Barnet Library

Hilarious letter in by this week upset with "personal attacks" the whole save FBL campaign was personal attacks!

4. Green Candidate Poppy explains her unique campaign 

  1. I think I'm only candidate canvassing in on my . So far, so safe. My red beret helps alert drivers to no-nonsense woman
 5. Mrs Angry reveals she is no Nigella !

Mrs Angry's tip, when making gratin: wear glasses, and remove finger from mandolin slicer, to avert pools of blood on kitchen floor ...

 Have a great weekend

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Mrs Angry said...

To be fair, the gratin was brilliant, and I am very good at licking spoons suggestively. Also I hope to regain the use of my finger sooner rather than later as it is affecting my keyboard skills, and bloggery.