Friday, 2 May 2014

Guest Blog - Conservative Fundraising Dinner at Edgware - By B. Yogi

Fundraising dinner at Edgware

A fundraising dinner was organised at Everest Restaurant at Edgware last Sunday in support of Hendon Conservative Association (HCA) on Sunday. Members and office bearers of the HCA, members of the Nepalese community and guests attended the dinner organised by Mr Lachhya Gurung, Conservative candidate for the post of Councillor from Burnt Oak.

Addressing the function, MP for Hendon, Dr Matthew Offord, appreciated the role being played by the Nepalese community in the Borough of Barnet. Referring to the hearing conducted by a British parliamentary committee on Gurkhas, he said a lot more needs to be done to ensure fairness and equality for Gurkhas.  Highlighting the actions taken by the government, Dr Offord said, “We want to make this country stronger, better and more fair.”

President of the Hendon Conservative Association, Val  Duschinsky, said the Association was working to promote Conservative values among the local community and work for neglected areas like Burnt Oak. She called upon all to join hands to ensure victory of Conservative candidates in the Borough of Barnet.
Addressing the function, Conservative candidate Lachhya Gurung said Burnt Oak ward has always been Labour held ward,  but that with the support of local community, he hoped to change the history.

“If elected, as a Conservative Councillor for Burnt Oak, I will listen and work in close coordination with the local residents. I will be available in their time of need and be proactive to address local issues in whatever way possible,” said Gurung adding, “I will always work to promote hard work, discipline, respect to people from all communities and family values.” He also thanked all those who joined the fund-raising dinner in order to support the HCA.

Chairman of the Burnt Oak Nepalese Community (BONC), Ati Pun, and founder chairman of the BONC, Udai Gurung, spoke about the importance of social integration and how Nepalese community in Barnet were working with various agencies to promote communal harmony within the Borough.
Vice Chairman of the HCA, Hugh Rayner, Membership Secretary of the Association Councillor Sury Khatri and District Councillor from Essex, Tina Knight, also spoke on the occasion and urged all to support Conservative candidates. 
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John S said...

Where was mr Gurung when his beloved Local Tories were stealing Pavilion Way playing fields from the people of Burnt Oak he claims to care about.

derrick palmer said...

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Unknown said...
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Matt D said...

I heartily recommend the Everest Restaurant - great food and wonderful service. The Burnt Oak team seem to have made a fantastic start clearing the litter in and around the Silk Stream and also the Saturday market. I am looking forward to their work to come as councillors supporting our neighbours in Burnt Oak. Keep up the good work, Connolly/Gurung/Karnarni.

Love the Blog - Rog, and thank you for a great little violin from the shop for #2.

Rog T said...

Not tried the Everest, but will mark it down on the list for a visit.

Liton Kumar Podder said...

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