Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tragic news as Council election in Colindale is postponed.

There has been some extremely sad news. Jessica Yorke, the Green Party candidate in Colindale has unexpectedly passed away. As a result and in line with election law, the local Council Election has been cancelled. Please note that the Euro Election will still be taking place in this ward on Thursday.
As is required by electoral law, a new election will be held in the Colindale ward within 35 working days of the current local government election date of 22nd May. Polling for the European  Parliamentary elections for Colindale ward will still go ahead as planned on 22nd May and all polling stations in the ward will be open as normal. All European Parliamentary postal votes received from residents in the Colindale ward will still be counted. All the other candidates in the Colindale ward local elections will remain validly nominated for the new election date that will be announced soon.

The Barnet Eye received this email from Poppy, Green Party Candidate in High Barnet.

I am sad to tell you that one of our candidates - Jessica Yorke, candidate in Colindale - has died rather suddenly. I found out at the weekend, I went to see her parents today. We notified the Barnet electoral authorities this morning, and as a consequence the local election in Colindale has had to be cancelled.
I am very sad, and offer my condolences to all Jess's friends and loved ones.

The Barnet Eye also  extend our condolensces to Jessica and her family.

There is an announcement on the Barnet Council website

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APML said...

Very sad news..

At this point politics doesn`t really matter,there`s a grieving family out there somewhere and our thoughts are with them ..