Friday, 30 May 2014

Joey Barton puts Barnet council to shame!

Last night on Question Time, QPR footballer Joey Barton made a sexist remark. His comment that voting UKIP was like going to a bar, seeing four really ugly girls and thinking she's not the worst. When challenged by a member of the audience Mr Barton apologised and said that he had no experience of this sort of debate. In short he realised he'd made a mistake, apologised and gave an explanation.

Those of us who follow Barnet Council will remember the sexist remarks made by a certain ex councillor, referring to members of the public gallery as "Two old hags". As a representative of the Council, paid an allowance by the taxpayer, this was outragous. The public passed judgement on the Councillor in question, sending him back to anonimity. What is disgusting is that the Council has never issued an apology as an organisation to the people offended. If Joey Barton can see its wrong, why can't Barnet Council. As we have a new Council in office, why not turn over a new leaf and correct this mistake.

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