Monday 18 January 2016

?punkchewashun And grammar and spellin;

Dyslexia, Gods special gift to me. The thing which makes me special (as in special needs). Every so often I get an email berating me for my poor use of English. I always refrain from the urge to say 1.75 million blog hits means you are wrong. Because they are not, even if they miss the point. I write a blog because I have something to say. I am a pure soul in some ways and so I believe that it is what is in my heart that matters, not the mangled English I use to convey it. I had 13 years of schooling. It seemed to me the point of this was not to educate me. It was to make me conform. Conforming is the opposite of what education should be. Education should teach you to free your mind, think the unimaginable and strive for the unattainable. I've spent my life doing this. I've spent my life being told I am useless, I am wrong and I can't do things. My response? I've built a studio that is internationally respected, played in a band that has toured Europe and still makes blinding music. I've worked on ground breaking iT projects that have changed the way we live our lives and we conduct our daily business.

On Friday, I have to have a small procedure which will hopefully cleanse my body of cancer.q it made me think whether I'd have such a procedure to cleanse my dyslexia if it was available? The honest answer is I am not sure. It would be great to write better English, but what would that steal from my soul? And isn't that what we all fear most, losing the essence that makes 'me'. Isn't that why dementia is perhaps the vilest way to go. Like most Bowie fans, I'd have loved another 20 years of his genius, but what if that genius was dulled by Alzheimer's? Maybe cancer is kinder than we realise?

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