Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tweets of The Week in the London Borough of Barnet - 3/1/2016

Without further ado.  2016 and all that. The tweets of the week

1. I guess that this has to be the tweet of the week. Whoever would have thought that someone would write a blog about a climbing adventure in Burnt Oak!

1h1 hour ago
check out the very first blog post on the website, featuring 's North centre in Burnt Oak

2. Bantam_Polly hopes the New Years fireworks in Colindale ushers in a better new year

Fireworks in beautiful Colindale. Happy New Year, London. Let's make it better for the world than 2015.
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3. How times change!

An Old Bridge at Hendon, Middlesex Frederick Waters Watts 1800-1870

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4. Looks like there's a vacancy at my doctors surgery. At least you know you'd have one nice customer!

PT Receptionist needed in Mill Hill, N London Millway Medical Practice is a busy GP surgery.

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 5. Good to see the Met Police are catching the bad guys...

A man arrested over a stabbing in on 30 December has been charged with GBH

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 6. Nice tweet from the London Fire Brigade

patients got a special visit from firefighters. Our thoughts with anyone in hospital at this time

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7. The real spirit of Christmas!

Getting an extra Xmas dinner fr/ the at occupied Sequoia in Totteridge w/ :-)

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8. Where can you see great tits in Barnet?

Sorry it's closed to public as it's saturated. Birds noted: mistle thrush, greenfinch, goldfinch, dunnock, blue tits, great tits & robin.

9. Well done to Ark Runners. Burning off the Turkey for a gooid cause

A big thank you to all our friends and family that have supported us and turned up to cheer us on 

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10. A sentiment we must agree with. What a way to ruin the festive season

  1. Lemmy RIP - For Lemmy RIP can only mean Rock in Paradise, can't imagine him resting in peace. He'll be looking for the big stack in the sky


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