Sunday 17 January 2016

Peace Sunday - have 100 years of war made us any safer?

Today is Peace Sunday. To mark this event and to highlight more than one hundred years of continuous wars, death and sacrifice for British servicement, I thought I'd put together a short reel of photographs from the last 100 years. The music is a live version of Action Shock, recently recorded for the forthcoming False Dots album Songs of Love and War.

Has all of the sacrifice been worth it? Is the world a safer place? When you look at these pictures can you put your hand on your heart and say that our politicians have served us well. I am not a pacifist, in some cases, such as when fighting evil such as Hitler, sadly war and death is inevitable. But 100 years of continuous war?

In the final sequence of the video, I've featured the faces of young innocent victims of all of these conflicts. Is this really what we want to spend our taxes on?

Did you even know today is Peace Sunday? Sadly peace on earth does not exist. It hasn't existed for our armed forces for over 100 years. That says to me that we have failed.

This week I've been listening to a lot of music. It is sad that we seem to have lost the art of writing popular protest songs. So much of the music in the charts is banal and meaningless. I enjoy a good love song as much as anyone else. But those who have a platform should use it to dimply do more than line their own pockets.

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