Friday 15 January 2016

The 2016 Barnet Council governance project - No 13 renewable energy and energy efficency

Today we look at energy efficiency and renewable energy. Generous tariffs have been available for installing solar panels. It has been possible to generate an income far greater than interest rates from the resale of electricity to the grid and on savings on payments to suppliers. Today we ask whether Barnet Council is green and eco friendly.

From: Roger Tichborne
Sent: 15 January 2016 08:27
To: ''
Subject: RE: Freedom of Information request - renewable energy and energy efficiency

Dear FoI Barnet,

Many local authorities have a proactive commitment to using renewable energy.

Please can you supply the following.

a)      Details of council buildings fitted with solar panels or wind turbines.
b)      Details of all major works to improve energy efficiency in council buildings for the period 2012-2015
c)       Total value of electricity sold to grid from solar panels or wind turbines owned by Barnet Council

Many thanks

Roger Tichborne

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