Thursday 7 January 2016

The 2016 Barnet Council governance project - No 7 Gritting of icy roads

Today we look at the policy for gritting of roads in Barnet. Previously Barnet has had issues with this, running out of grit in 2009.  We seek to identify whether the lessons were learned. We also are seeking to find ou whether it is still council policy to prioritise gritting roads of senior councillors.

From: Roger Tichborne []
Sent: 06 January 2016 21:24
To: ''
Subject: RE: Freedom of Information request - Gritting in Barnet

Dear FoI Barnet,

Please can you provide details of the criteria under which Barnet Council send out grit Lorries to grit roads. Specifically

1.       What is the minimum expected temperature in the 24 hour period (or other applicable period) to trigger gritting
2.       The plan for gritting duties for lorries.
3.       A list of non A, B and trunk roads to be gritted

Please can you also provide current grit levels in Barnet and how many days this would be expected to last in the event snow/ice

Many thanks

Roger Tichborne

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