Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Where has the Mayor of London gone? Boris does a runner!

Boris and a friend
Boris, Boris, come out now! Where are you?
What has happened to Boris Johnson. Last time I asked, he was still Mayor of London for the next five months. However it seems that he's disappeared. Yesterday Zac Goldsmith was on the BBC London along with David Cameron, announcing a new housing initiative. But hang on, Zac isn't the Mayor of London. He's simply an MP who wants the job. Boris was elected in 2012 to do this job.  It should be Boris who is running the show, not his preferred choice for successor. If Boris doesn't want to do the job, that is fine by me, but why should my taxes pay his bumper salary.

As to Goldsmith. Am I alone in thinking that it is an abuse of the democratic process for David Cameron to make such announcements with a bloke who hasn't got the job. There are two possible options, the first is that Boris hasn't been bothering to do the job and Goldsmith has stepped in on his own. If this is the case it is a scandal. The other is that Boris has done all the work and Goldsmith is simply pinching the limelight for electoral gain. In either case, it reflects badly on the Tory Party.

I just did a search on the BBC website for Boris and it appears that he's not been featured in a news story since the 11th December.  The job is too important for a part timer.

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